Fugazi Live Recordings

Been waiting for this to happen for a good while now. Here’s the announcement via the Dischord mailing list:

Fugazi bass player, Joe Lally, has announced the launch of a new website to sell CDs of the first of the many live recordings Fugazi has collected over the band’s 15+ year career. The website can be found by going to:


Now, here is a description of the Fugazi “Live” site from the band:

"For many years, Fugazi has made a point of taping our live shows. We started
out using a simple cassette recorder, moved on to a digital audio tape recorder
(DAT) and finally just burned straight on to CDs. Our past attempts at
releasing a definitive live show proved fruitless as we could never settle on
performances we all felt represented the band at it's best. Instead it was
decided that some day we would try to find an easy way to make as many of the
tapes available to people as we could."

"This site marks the beginning of that concept - a basic testing of the waters
to see what, if any, interest there is. We have digitally transferred an
initial sampling of tapes from our archives and for every order we receive, we
will burn a CD copy of the show requested using a generic cover with concert
information and a track listing.

These are very much the original recordings without any attempt to correct for
things like volume changes, strange mixing effects, or the occasionally
out-of-tune guitar. Though the sound quality on these tapes does vary, if a
show was too poorly recorded it didn't make the cut. There will be more shows
added as interest indicates and time permits but for now here's twenty. "

Fucking awesome, to say the least.