Auf Wiedersehen M3!

Not only is this “auf wiederesehen M3”, this is goodbye to car ownership of any kind - for now.

On Saturday I handed over the keys to my M3 CS in exchange for a decent chunk of change. The wheels for its sale were put in motion about six months ago when we decided to split our time between Edinburgh and Manchester. The absurd insurance quotes I received following the move, coupled with realisation of how much its costing me to own a motor that I do very few miles in (about 5k in the last year), meant that I had to let it go.

So that’s it. But not only am I without an M car for the first time in years, I’m actually without a car full stop. And how does it feel you ask? In short - liberating, on a number of levels. Owning a nice car that you care about is an almost constant stress - you have to be particular about where you park the car, you’re constantly thinking about little things that need doing, imperfections or improvements, and how much they’ll cost. Then there’s the omnipresent worry of something going wrong. And that’s before we start talking about the insane insurance quotes, road tax, and the ever ridiculous cost of fuel.

While I can’t put a price on some of the experiences I’ve had in the M3 and the M5, when those types of trips are few and far between it simply doesn’t make sense to burden yourself financially and emotionally with such a machine. For now anyway - let’s see how this streak of sense and reason lasts (-: