BTCC at Knockhill 2012

I must admit to being slightly depressed by the fact that when I dusted the D700 off for this year’s BTCC event at Knockhill Circuit, one of the two cards I use still had last year’s pictures on it. Yup, I’ve used my camera so little over the last 12 months I hadn’t even had the need to format it.

Anyway, this year marked the 20th anniversary of the event at Knockhill Circuit. They wheeled out a few previous Scottish legends and had them do a couple of laps in some older cars which was pretty cool to see. Disappointed that there were no BMW E30 M3s doing the rounds but I guess no Scottish driver ever competed in one of those?

The BTCC racing itself on the Sunday was typically manic with countless shunts and appearances by the safety car. I did my best to take photos that were from different spots around the circuit as last year, on the whole I managed to shoot 609 images of which are large percentage were keepers. They all start to get a bit samey though so I’ve whittled that down to less than 50 which are up on Flickr.

Personally I think I still prefer to see some of the classics hoon around the circuit, but unfortunately the early scheduling on Sunday meant that I missed the race. I also really like seeing the Porsche Carrera Cup rounds as well, they’re almost as aggressive as the BTCC crowd.

A few of my very favourites are below…