The Crownhate Ruin

Two or three years back I was lucky enough to purchase some rare records off a certain Mr. Joe McRedmond, who some of you might know as one of the members of Hoover and The Crownhate Ruin We exchanged a few emails and he offered up some unreleased TCR tracks which I downloaded, listened to, and that was that.  He’s mighty nice, is Joe.

Fast forward a couple of years to late last year, when I uploaded these unreleased tracks for a friend of mine to my webserver for her to download.  Some time later a blog that I follow posted the final chapter in an excellent series regarding the genealogy of Hoover, where I mentioned these unreleased tracks and offered to make them available.  Anyway, I guess somehow word got around and Joe posted the link to these on his Facebook with the following comment:

Some unreleased not very good, poorly recorded The Crownhate Ruin songs with Alex joining us, and David Titus Batista on drums. I'll be surprised if you enjoy it.

At this point I felt like a dick as obviously I hadn’t checked with him beforehand if it was cool before essentially making these publicly available.  But, as I’ve mentioned, he’s a mighty nice chap and he’s totally cool with these being online.

So anyway, enough waffle.  I’m posting this to make them ‘formally’ available as I’ve no intention of taking them down in light of Joe’s blessing. Take a listen and - contrary to the above - enjoy

Update: More info over at HFN here.