Married to the Sea

My good friend Greg and his cohorts, known collectively as Married to the Sea, rolled into Darmstadt late yesterday to play an acoustic set at a locally (in)famous and unusual venue known as the Gute Stube.  It offered an ideal opportunity to bust out the camera and test out some low-light shooting of which I’ve done very little with the D700.  In short, I was blown away - not just by the music, but by the fact that I was snapping away quite happily at ISO 3,200 and coming out with fantastic results.

Anyway, yeah - the gig!  The band were fantastic, winning the crowd over not just with their music but also with their infectious charm and humour in this very intimate venue.  Even if the songs weren’t necessarily your cup of tea you couldn’t help but smile and just enjoy being a part of the event, it was great fun and hopefully I’ve managed to capture some of that.

Below is a few of my favourite shots from the night, and the full set is over on Flickr.