Marxico - Markdown with Evernote

For the past few years I’ve mostly kept my notes for various things - quick to-do lists, braindumps, technotes, and so on - in plain-text files stored in Simplenote. My preferred format for writing has been Markdown for a long, long time and this works well with Simplenote’s service; the site itself has a webapp with rudimentary support for Markdown, and then on OS X there’s Brett Terpstra’s excellent fork of Notational Velocity - nvALT - and of course Marked for previews.

As time’s gone on I’ve found myself with a desire to consolidate all my notes along with ‘richer’ sources of information such as PDFs, scans, and so on into one service - Evernote. Evernote’s got a fantastic ecosystem with a large number of applications that hook directly into their APIs but if there’s one glaring omission in the native application itself it’s the lack of support for Markdown.

Enter Marxico. It’s very much reminiscent of another editor called Mou in that it offers a vertical split, with an edit view on the left and a preview on the right. It hooks right into Evernote and produces beautifully formatted notes right out of the box and is pretty much the answer to my prayers when it comes to knocking out quick bits of technical notes (‘fu’) and documentation as I go along:

Marxico screenshot

Marxico is free for 10 days and thereafter it costs $25 a year to use in a pseudo-subscription model. Not cheap but for someone like me that relies heavily on using Evernote to ‘braindump’ and who prefers the speed and convenience that formatting documentation in Markdown offers, then it’s money well spent in my opinion.